Troubleshooting ADSL - No Connection

This article will guide you through the troubleshooting for no internet connection (no sync) on an ADSL1 or ADSL2+ broadband service.


You can’t view websites or receive email on all computers and Wi-Fi devices connected to your modem.
Your computer/Wi-Fi device may show internet connection status as “Offline”, “No connection” or “Disconnected”.

Your ADSL modem will have a flashing ADSL sync light or no light at all, the lights on differnet modems may vary; please check the user manual to learn the meanings of your modem's status lights.


  1. Turn your modem off, wait 15 minutes and then turn it back on. Once it has finished rebooting, try to view a website on one of your connected computers or Wi-Fi devices. If you can’t view a website, go to the next step.
  2. Unplug all devices from every phone socket, including your modem, line filters/splitters, telephones, fax machines and EFTPOS terminals.
  3. Plug a standard telephone handset (with no filter) into the phone socket. Listen for a dial tone and make sure you can make a call without hearing noise interference. If you don’t have a dial tone or you hear line noise, you will need to call you phone carrier to have this fixed.
  4. If you have no phone issues, unplug the telephone handset and instead plug your modem directly into the phone socket (with no filter). This is known as “isolating” your modem, because it is now the only thing plugged in to the phone socket.
  5. Connect a computer to your modem with an Ethernet cable and try to view a website. If you can, follow the advice below. If you can’t view a website, go to the next step.
  6. Try using a different phone cable to connect your modem to the phone socket. An old or damaged cable may be preventing a successful connection.
  7. If you have more than one phone socket in your home, try plugging your modem directly into the other phone sockets to see if it can get online. If your modem works when it's plugged into one socket but not another, there may be a problem with the internal wiring between the phone sockets.
  8. If possible, test a different modem at your property, or test your modem at a different location that has a working internet connection. If another modem can get online at your house, or your modem doesn’t work at both locations, your modem may be faulty. 
    If you still can't get online, please call our Support Team on 1300 134 638.

If your modem gets back online while it is isolated

If your modem gets back online while it’s plugged straight into the phone socket, that means that one of the other pieces of equipment you had plugged in (e.g. filter, phone, fax) was interfering with your connection.

Start plugging your other equipment back in, piece by piece. Always start with any line filters or splitters that were used to plug phones or faxes into a phone socket.

Wait a minute or two after each device is plugged back in, and then check to see that your modem is still connected to the internet.

If your modem suddenly loses its connection, the filter, cable or device you’ve just plugged in is probably faulty or interfering with your connection.

We recommend replacing a filter, cable or device if it is faulty, or adding a filter to a phone or fax if it didn’t already have one.